RealCare Shaken Baby

SKU: 10580101

Create high-impact health lessons while helping eliminate Shaken Baby Syndrome and child abuse.

By interacting with the RealCare Shaken Baby, participants witness the simulated consequences of a parent or caregiver's unsafe choices - and become motivated to avoid them.

Comprehensive curriculum materials allow you to easily integrate the products into your prenatal, prevention or childcare program or make them a part of your RealCare Total Parenting Experience.

Shaken Baby includes: cloth diaper, t-shirt, (4) C batteries, When Babies Cry DVD, 5-year limited warranty and Curriculum.

Powerful Visual. The Shaken Baby's transparent head clearly defines the traumatic brain injuries caused by this form of child abuse. Simulator cries and when shaken, affected sections of the brain light up to illustrate when brain damage has occurred.


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