Female/Male Catheterization Trainers on a Stand

Use Realityworks’ catheterization trainers to give your students authentic, hands-on catheterization practice with the most lifelike genitalia models on the market. These models don’t just look and feel real – they feature accurate urine flashback, pliable skin and lifelike resistance during the catheterization procedure. Each catheterization model by Realityworks also includes the FAST-fluid™ management system for quick and easy procedure prep.

The Female/Male Catheterization Trainers on a Stand is an affordable trainer that includes realistic male or female genitalia models on a convenient stand. It features accurate urine flashback, realistic training with proper positioning and resistance in actual catheterization.

The Catheterization Trainer on Stand includes:

  • Realistic catheterization trainer (available in female or male)
  • Tabletop stand
  • Foley closed system catheter tray (14 French)
  • Straight urethral catheterization Tray (14 French)
  • FAST-fluid management system
  • Curriculum
  • 1-year limited warranty


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