Decubitus Ulcer Simulation Kit

Create real-world situations in which your students can practice diagnosing, cleaning and dressing Stage 1 through Stage 4 pressure ulcers with our Decubitus Ulcer Simulation Kit. The Stages 1 through 4 pressure ulcers in this kit are pliable and lifelike, with the ability to be placed on human or manikin skin. They feature tissue degradation and can even have purulent discharge. This easy-to-use kit is a great way to create personalized one-on-one scenarios or add realism to manikins in nursing training and patient care scenarios.

Decubitus Ulcer Simulation Kit includes:

  • Stage 1 through 4 pressure ulcers and heel wound pressure ulcers available in light and dark skin tones
  • Adhesion gel (wound bond)
  • Purulent discharge, pus
  • Curriculum
  • 90-day limited warranty

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