Anatomical Models

Our line of anatomical models makes a great addition to any program focusing on the internal and external structures of the human body. Use the below links to learn how our models can help you create an engaging classroom.

  • Circulatory System Model
    Circulatory System Model

    The Circulatory System Model features details of the human circulatory system including accurate coloring of veins, arteries and organs.

  • Digestive System Model
    Digestive System Model

    The Digestive System Model is a relief model featuring all body parts and organs involved in the digestive system.

  • Lymphatic System Model
    Lymphatic System Model

    The relief Lymphatic System Model shows the network of vessels, tissues and organs that make up this part of the circulatory system.

  • Respiratory System Model
    Respiratory System Model

    The high-quality Respiratory System Model contains the following parts for added anatomical detail:

  • Female Pelvic Cavity Model
    Female Pelvic Cavity Model

    The Female Pelvic Cavity Model features half of the pelvis to view the reproductive system, muscular and urinary system.

  •  Male Pelvic Cavity Model
    Male Pelvic Cavity Model

    The Male Pelvic Cavity Model with removable parts shows the male reproductive system, muscular and urinary system and outer reproductive organs.

  • Urinary System Model
    Urinary System Model

    The Urinary System Model gives an accurate view of the urinary system and its parts: the kidneys, bladder, adrenal gland, abdominal aorta, inferior vena cava, urethra and bladder.

  • Dual Sex Urinary System in Situ Model
    Dual Sex Urinary System in Situ Model

    The Dual Sex Urinary System in Situ Model has removable parts to show the inner workings of the urinary system.

  • Male Urinary System Model
    Male Urinary System Model

    The Male Urinary System is a relief model that features accurate coloring and details of the male urinary system.

  • Human Skeleton Tabletop Size
    Human Skeleton Tabletop Size

    The Human Skeleton Tabletop Size features movable limbs and accurate bone structure for study of the human skeletal system.

  • Human Skeleton Natural Size
    Human Skeleton Natural Size

    This life-sized replica of a Human Skeleton is on a wheeled stand and features movable limbs and accurate bone structure for study of the human skeletal system.

  • Muscular Figure Tabletop Size
    Muscular Figure Tabletop Size

    The Muscular Figure is a half-life size human model that allows users to examine the muscles, tendons, vasculature and ligaments of the human body.

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